Excel 2016 screenupdating false not working burundi dating love

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Screen Updating = False 'Clear form Set ws = Sheets("frm Bien Nhan") For Each r In ws.

Occasionally a parroted claim will pop up in the Excel cybersphere that resetting Screen Updating from False back to True in a VBA procedure is pointless and unnecessary.I am just a beginner with Excel VBA I would highly appreciate any help. Column Case Is = 4 'This column contain invoice number 'Take the user to Invoice input form to edit the invoice they just double-clicked on a = Active Cell. The following code intercept where the user double click on the sheet and show them to the corresponding sheet. Turned it back off for that connection and the workbook no longer flashes. Display Alerts = True End Sub option back on for one of the connections and the flashing started again.

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I find it hard to believe because I have a quad-core Core i7 processor operating at 2.6 GHz.