Late night karachi sex chat

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Late night karachi sex chat

Britain's colonial legacy in Pakistan left a thriving but dark commercial sector in the country's capital, Karachi.

Massoud Ansari investigates the city's desperate marketplace that trades in young women…“Could you deflower a girl? "She has been rotting at my place for the last couple of weeks, with no potential customers…”She wants to put the 14-year-old girl to work in Karachi's commercial sex market as soon as possible.

When Malala Yousafzai was shot in the head two years ago, the Taliban in Pakistan claimed responsibility.

On Friday, the Pakistan army said it had caught a gang of 10 men behind the attack.

In Pakistan, the struggle against the local version of the Taliban is spreading, and not just in terms of terrorism.

He was still inside the hospital when the second bomb exploded just outside the entrance.

Elsewhere in Pakistan, a new branch of al-Qaeda seems to have bungled its first attack, but wants the press coverage anyway.

And a 45-story skyscraper of squatters is being cleared in Venezuela, all in this weekend's Global Scan.

I was trembling hard and I couldn’t hear my own voice when I spoke. I could only hear whistles.” It was 5 February 2010 and Safdar had already dealt with the fallout of one explosion that day: an hour before, a motorbike laden with explosives had slammed into a bus carrying Shia Muslims to a religious procession.

Safdar had raced to the scene to load the dead and injured into his ambulance and take them to the nearby Jinnah hospital.

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