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These frustrated students go elsewhere to learn more about the biological topics that interest them.

Based on national polls (Media Central, 2000), college students are much more likely to use the Internet to retrieve information than go to the library.

Two of the studies were based on groups of students in an introductory psychology course; some of the students (based on prior surveys) were interested in studying STEM fields, and some were not.

Participants were shown images related to love (images of romantic restaurants, sunsets at the beach, etc.) or images that related to "intelligence goals" (images of libraries, books, eyeglasses).

In daily interactions, we often do this on the basis of minimal information.

The aims of the present study were (a) to examine whether people can accurately judge others based only on a brief exposure to their appearances, and (b) to reveal the underlying neural mechanisms with functional magnetic resonance imaging (f MRI).

The f MRI data revealed that higher accuracy in preference estimation was associated with greater activity in the dorsomedial prefrontal cortex (DMPFC) when participants were guessing the targets' preferences relative to thinking about their own preferences.

These findings suggest that accurate estimations of others' preferences may require increased activity in the DMPFC.

In accordance with these observations, I believe that pop culture references can be used as an effective pedagogical platform and have the potential to reshape the approach taken by many professors to teach introductory biology. Many students find their first college biology class intimidating, confusing, or boring, and as a result, fail to retain much information or express an educated opinion on these topics.In this important volume, the authors seek to move discussion of America's... Morris, a renowned labor law scholar and preeminent authority on the National Labor Relations Act, uncovers a long-forgotten feature of that act that offers an exciting new approach to the revitalization of the...Ruth Needleman Thousands of African Americans poured into northwest Indiana in the 1920s dreaming of decent-paying jobs and a life without Klansmen, chain gangs, and cotton. Brian Mayer What do unions and environmental groups have to gain by working together and how do they overcome their differences?Park acknowledged that the research will be controversial -- and that many times when she presents findings to women in academe, they don't like talking about the role that something such as romance may play in the choices students make about what to study.But Park said that focusing on these questions could help confront the gender gap in STEM fields, which persists even as women have demonstrated that they have the academic preparation and ability to succeed in them.

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