Brief encounters dating

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The film is told in flashback, starting ‘on an ordinary day, in the most ordinary place in the world’ — Carnforth station’s refreshment room.

When Laura gets some grit in her eye, Dr Alec comes to her rescue.

The six-part series will be set during the Ann Summer party years of the early 80s, following the impact on the lives of four women who became party organisers.Forces of Nature with Brian Cox BBC One ★★★★☆ Brief Encounters ITV★★★☆☆ “The universe in a snowflake.” The title of this episode did not, in fact, describe a particularly self-important edition of Doctor Who, but rather was the first sign of the mind-warping ambitions of Forces of Nature with Brian Cox.Explaining why the structure of every snowflake is so different yet so similar is not your average BBC One subject matter.When Stephanie and Nita answer an ad for a sales job selling exotic lingerie and other “marital aids,” they kick off a sexual revolution in their community. As their business grows, they become savvy professional women, gaining confidence, forging unlikely friendships, and scandalizing the town.

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