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well I guess I’ll see what other options I have out there cuz this guy is already wrapped around my finger!” I know this may not be the way we wish the world worked, but it’s reality…So our site is designed to educate and inspire men to attract more dates, have better conversations, and take complete control of their financial life, their social life, and their health.TSB Magazine loves sharing our lifestyle tips and wants to hear yours too.

You can use this on a female friend, a girl you meet a bar, a co-worker, an ex-girlfriend, or even the cute little barista at Starbucks. it's like having a remote control to her emotions and you can make her fall in love with you. Hundreds of guys are already using The Scrambler to sleep with their co-workers, classmates, bartenders, and hot young college girls that normally wouldn't give them the time of day.And even features a free 31 Days to Better Game challenge.Bobby has been helping men learn how to flirt, attract women, and improve their overall social life for the past six years.And is known for his ability to help shy or boring guys create more fun, playful, and flirtatious conversations with women.You can learn more about him at ( Conventional thinking would have us believe that the problem suggested by the title does not exist.

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